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WAGOBOX XLA Supplied in Singles Grey (60358440)

Price: £2.70 (£3.24 inc. V.A.T.)

Product Details

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WAGOBOX XLA Supplied in Singles Grey (60358440)

Enclosure in grey for use with WAGO 222 and 773 series connector
Dimensions 126 mm x 115 mm x 55 mm

BS EN60670-22, BS 5733 MF
When used with WAGO 222 and 773 connectors.
Use as directed in the BS 5733 MF instructions.

Ingress Protection: IP2X

The WAGOBOX XLA general purpose electrical enclosure is designed to be used with the WAGO 222 and 773 series connectors.

The WAGOBOX XLA is rated up to 450V and can support conductor sizes from 0.08 mm˛ to 6 mm˛.

The maximum permitted number of separately supplied individual circuits is 2.

The maximum number of individual conductor connections is 36, based on the installation of twelve 3-core cables of 1mm˛.

The maximum number of 6mm˛ connections is 12, based on installation of six 3-core cables.

The cable clamps can grip up to 12 cables with an overall diameter between 3 mm and 15 mm.